International Graphic Art Competition

The 500-year Anniversary of the Apparition of the Madonna of Tirano


Article 1 – The event is promoted by the City of Tirano and the association, Friends of the Sanctuary of the Blessed Virgin of Tirano, as part of the celebrations planned for the 500-year Anniversary of the apparition.  The intention is to emphasize the value of the prints produced in the past to publicize the celebrations, by re-proposing the realization of prints by contemporary artists to commemorate the Marian event within the context of an international graphic art competition.

Article 2 – The competition, organized by the Ethnographic Museum of Tirano, is open to artists from all countries.  The entries can be works realized with any graphic technique except typographic reproduction. The works must have as their subject the apparition of the Madonna of Tirano, the sanctuary and its history, or must be pertinent to at least one of these three themes.  The measurement of the matrix should not be less than 15 cm. on the longest side and the measurements of the printed sheet should not exceed 50 x 35 cm. 

Article 3 – The participants must send five copies of their competition entries together with their application form, which is attached to this regulation, to the Ethnographic Museum of Tirano – Graphic Competition, no later than 30 June 2005
Each copy must be signed and marked with Roman numerals from I/V to V/V. 
Each competitor can present no more than three entries. 
The works will become the property of the organizing committee.
One copy will be kept in the archives of the Ethnographic Museum of Tirano as historical documentation.
To complete the catalogue which will be printed to display the works, the artists can send information regarding the works being submitted as well as documenting their own activities.

Article 4 – The Competition’s Jury, composed of experts in the field of graphic arts, as well as the representatives of the promoting organizations, shall be responsible for directing the evaluations and shall determine the voting methods and all other procedural rules.
The Jury shall decide which works to admit to the competition and shall choose the winning entries.  Their decisions shall be binding and cannot be contested. 

Article 5The Jury shall thereby decide which of the works admitted to the competition shall be the winners and it shall assign the following prizes: 
- 1st  prize of 1,000.00 (one thousand) Euro
- 2nd prize of   750.00 (seven hundred fifty) Euro
- 3rd  prize of   500.00 (five hundred) Euro

The Jury will also assign an “honourable mention” to 10 additional works. 

Article 6 – The announcement of the winning entries and the awarding of the prizes to the artists shall take place in Tirano during the year 2005.  The date and the program for the event will be notified to all interested parties in due time. 

Article 7 – The works admitted to the competition shall be displayed in an exhibition which will be held in Tirano at the time of the awards ceremony and this exhibition could also be transferred to other locations.  The works shall also be displayed in a catalogue which will include biographical information regarding the artist.

Competition offices:  
Ethnographic Museum of Tirano
Piazza Basilica, 30

I-23030 Madonna di Tirano (Sondrio)

Telephone/Fax: (+39) 0342-701181 – e-mail: museo.tirano@provincia.so.it

 The iconographic repertory, the regulations, the application form and other notifications
regarding the competition are available on the following websites: 

www.comune.tirano.so.it/500/      www.amicisantuariotirano.it    http://museotirano.provincia.so.it